Mole Removal



The Ellman Surgitron uses Radiofrequency surgery to successfully remove benign lumps and bumps with usually virtually no scarring. Lesions are simply vaporised away.  Excellent for raised moles, skin tags, sun spots, warts and some skin cancers.  

All procedures are carried out under a local anaesthetic. Removal of the benign lesion leaves a flat raw area that heals over 5-10 days. Radiofrequency surgery uses radio-waves, transmitted from a small electrode, to gradually vaporise the raised lesion. 

Radiofrequency surgery (with the Elman Surgitron) is minimally invasive, usually requires no stitches and results in little or no scarring. Healed skin may have a darker or lighter colour initially. This will normally fade to normal skin tone over time. 

Where necessary skin lesions can be biopsied or removed and sent for Laboratory testing. 

Consult the Vital Face and Vein Clinic to see if radiofrequency surgery with the Surgitron is suitable for you.


Skin tag and mole removal with Ellman Surgitron

With Ellman Surgitron® only the lesion itself is removed after a small amount of anaesthetic administered by a very fine needle under the lesion. Using the  Ellman radio-wave surgery, we can now treat a whole spectrum of benign skin lesions without any cutting or stitching in as little as a few minutes. These include:

  • Benign Moles (dark as well as skin coloured)
  • Skin tags
  • Seborrhoeic Keratoses (Age Warts)
  • Warts
  • Milia

Radiofrequency Ellman Surgitron® is used to remove raised moles, skin tags and pre-cancerous lesions. Using the Ellman Surgitron unwanted protruding moles, skin tags and scaly lesions are able to be removed by a simple and delicate radiofrequency shave procedure by our experienced Cosmetic Doctor. Your mole or skin lesion will first be checked by our Doctor. Any lesions of concern will be sent to the laboratory for testing. You’ll be given a local anaesthetic, so you won’t feel any discomfort. It also means there is no cutting or stitching required.

Radiofrequency surgery successfully removes raised moles, lumps, bumps and scaly lesions with low risk of scarring. Lesions are simply vaporised away. Radiofrequency surgery is minimally invasive. A dressing is usually  required for a brief period. Skin in the treated area may  be a little red. This will fade to normal skin tone over time. The Ellman Surgitron is made in the USA and is the leading and safest available technology. Skin cancers can be biopsied or removed and sent for histological testing at SCL Pathology.

 Broken capillaries and red veins on the face are also be removed using the Ellman surgitron. Results are instant and often only one or two treatments are required. Some skin lesions will require excision, this and all options for treatment will be fully discussed with you prior to treatment.


Contact us to book a scarless skin tag or mole removal consultation at Wellington’s doctor operated appearance medicine clinic Vital Face & Vein.